December 01, 2015

we have moved ! & our numbers have changed!

Mogul Medical has moved from 603 Quayside to No5 Esso Road Raciti Park, Montague Gardens, 7441, Cape Town. This means we will no longer be using the telephone numbers 0214218644/45, these have been discontinued. You can reach us on 0813331138
August 30, 2015

Mogul Medical Solutions Launches Mobile Clinics Division

Early Febuary 2015 we successfully launched our much anticipated Engineering division, and new Head Quarters in Montague Gardens in Cape Town. It is hear that the heart and soul of the company is to be anchored, through designing state of the art mobile clinic facilities at record low prices. Already the division boasts three state of the art mobile clinics, supplied into the Market. The first being a unique circumcision clinic, with a one of a kind medical waste disposal system, proudly designed by us and  a bespoke interior fitting of any first rate surgery in any first world metropolitan city.


The second two trucks are two mobile digital x-ray clinics that are busy successfully canvasing the Western and Eastern Cape region's prison networks testing the inmates for TB infections. We offer a wide range of mobile unit solutions and designs  and as a certified M.I.B. manufacturer we guarantee top quality units for value for money. The new Engineering Division rings true of the company slogan, " We provide tomorrow's health care today. For all inquires for mobile clinics and ambulance manufacture, give us a call on 021555 4573.

October 31, 2014


Welcome to our new medical supplies online store:

Do you like to chat and shop at the same time?. Well then, why not be the first customer to experience our FACEBOOK ONLINE STORE. Yes that's right, FACEBOOK ONLINE STORE. Mogul Medical Solutions is the first medical company in Africa to have a medical online store on FACEBOOK ! Better yet, are you looking for circumcision kits or , mobile clinics, ambulances or offices, then give us a call on 021 5554573.

We are super social !, so LIKE us, then click the shop icon on our page and start shopping. You can share and comment on any product, buy and recommend products to your friends and chat to us as you shop. A happy customer care team is waiting to socialize and help you shop. HAPPY SHOPPING!